Cocoa Horizons
Mid-year report 2020/21

Creating impact in cocoa-growing communities
Farmer with his Cocoa Horizons coach

Cocoa Horizons
Mid-year report 2020/21

Creating impact in cocoa-growing communities
Cocoa Horizons is Barry Callebaut's preferred vehicle to make sustainable chocolate the norm. The Foundation is scaling impact and driving change in cocoa growing communities, with the help and support of its partners.

Our drive to support cocoa farmers

Usman, farmer, in his cocoa plantation

Discover the newly released Cocoa Horizons mid-year report to view impact and progress across our three focus areas: Productivity, Community and Environment. In the report, you’ll find examples of activities such as farmer graduation, farm services, income diversification, efforts towards eradicating child labor, cookstoves and seedlings distribution.


This program is really helpful. With yield estimation techniques guided by the field facilitator, I understand how to forecast my income so I can develop a plan to improve my farm’s productivity. 

Usman, Cocoa Horizons farmer in Indonesia.

Expanding the program to create more impact

The Cocoa Horizons program keeps growing and increasing its impact for farmers and their communities by:

  • Reaching more farmers: +14% farmer groups delivered Horizons cocoa versus prior year. This represents 107,827 registered farmers.
  • Extending to new countries: after Ecuador last year, the program is now being introduced in Nigeria.
  • Involving new partners beyond Barry Callebaut to implement the program.
Training session in the village
Cocoa Horizons Inside

Offering segregated and traceable cocoa to answer consumer needs for more transparency

Barry Callebaut is now offering a segregated and traceable sustainable cocoa mass under the Cocoa Horizons Program. This option enables you to trace back the heart of your chocolate directly to select farming communities. By increasing transparency, you will be able to leverage your sustainability impact and drive your brand’s purpose.

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Switzerland. It is third-party verified, highly transparent on premium and methodology. It’s an impact-driven program with the vision to drive cocoa farmer prosperity by creating self-sustaining communities that protect nature and children.

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