Brazil & Mexico - Driving cane sugar sustainability

Barry Callebaut has joined Bonsucro in an effort to join stakeholders in creating a more sustainable sugarcane industry.

Brazil & Mexico - Driving cane sugar sustainability

Sugarcane is an incredibly diverse crop, grown in over 100 countries and is the largest agricultural plant by biomass. Cane sugar is also a key ingredient in many of our delicious chocolates produced across the globe. However, the sector faces sustainability challenges around labor and human rights, crop yields, soil erosion and water scarcity, among others.  

For this reason, Barry Callebaut joined Bonsucro, a sugarcane sustainability platform. Engaging in the multi-stakeholder organization is enabling us to be part of the conversation and team driving impact in the sector. Barry Callebaut transitioned its Brazilian operations to Bonsucro certified sugar, purchasing Bonsucro credits to cover our supply in Brazil.

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