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Technical & R&D Service
The Chocolate Taste Ritual and The Chocolate Sensory Wheel

We Live Taste

Technical & R&D Service
Knowing how to taste and describe your chocolate will enhance your product storytelling and benefit the chocolate tasting experience.
The Chocolate Taste Ritual, a 5 step approach

How to taste chocolate?

Discover it together with our taste experts. Take the 5 step ritual and get tips and tricks how this can be beneficial for your products.

Sensory Know How

Take a deeper dive and reach out to our specialists to understand the magic behind sensory.

  • What do we learn from neuroscience?
  • Why and how do we run consumer sensory studies?
  • How to build and read a chocolate sensory profile?
  • How to use sensory knowledge for your product storytelling?

Meet our Global Sensory Expert

Renata Januszewska

  • A true expert in the world of sensory science.
  • Author of the book ‘Hidden Persuaders in Cocoa and Chocolate’.
  • Global Sensory liaison within Barry Callebaut, leading on defining Barry Callebaut sensory methods and best practices, coordinating the sensory testing.
Renata Januszewska Global R&D Sensory Scientist
Renata Januszewska, Global R&D Sensory Scientist

Discover the Chocolate Tasting Ritual yourself

Download our Chocolate Tasting Ritual and try it out!

The Chocolate Taste Ritual, a 5 step approach

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