Meet Lisa, the chocolate printing robot

Barry Callebaut, together with Foodjet, revolutionizes 2D+ printing. Go behind the scenes and discover more.
Chocolate printing

Barry Callebaut at the forefront of R&D

Barry Callebaut invests a substantial percentage of its profit back into R&D to develop the Chocolate Experiences of Tomorrow. Barry Callebaut has 28 R&D centers globally.

The Global Centre of Excellence for R&D is based in Belgium, Wieze, right next to the biggest chocolate production facility in the world.
It’s there where we find Lisa, a unique solution for chocolate printing created by Foodjet.

Lisa: chocolate printing in operation

Equipped with a food printer, a tempering device and a conveyor belt all possible set-ups can be simulated for different industries: for bakery, pastry and biscuit applications, for confectionery or for ice cream.

Visitors can decide upon any design they want to apply. You can upload that design into the A(rtificial) I(ntelligence) of Lisa, a standard laptop, through a very simple interface. Seconds later Lisa prints in any color of chocolate onto the food at industrial speed.

Discover the magic !


2D+ printing has been around for a while but only compound could be used.

Thanks to Barry Callebaut’s deep understanding of chocolate and the food printing expertise of Foodjet
a breakthrough innovation was born: chocolate food printing with real, Belgian, chocolate.

Very special chocolate indeed!

The challenge of printing with real chocolate instead of with compound was not of the least. For this application the chocolate needed to be on the one hand very fluid to go through the printer nozzle, but had to have on the other hand a very high yield value, setting directly onto the applied surface.

Chocolate printer Lisa


Working with real chocolate has undeniable advantages since you don’t have to declare any consumer scaring ingredients.

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