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Defatted Cocoa Powder

Low fat cocoa powder with less than 1% cocoa butter. It is ideal for low calorie applications and aerated bakery recipes such as macarons and meringues. Thanks to the very low cocoa butter content the risk of fat blooming is reduced in coatings and spreads. Classic balance cocoa and dark chocolate flavour with a brown colour.

Dusting cocoa powder

Low moisture absorption for a nice matte finish:

  • Keeps its colour, flavour and dry matt powder aspect longer than any traditional cocoa powder available on the market to give a nice, velvety cocoa finishing touch to your creations.

Clean label:

  • Only one ingredient on consumer packaging: cocoa powder
  • When mixed with sugar, ‘Chocolate powder’ can be declared in the ingredients list.

Sensory profile:

  • Balanced round cocoa flavor with uniform matte brown velvety visual appearance.


  • Ideal for dusting applications with a high moisture content or products that condensate during storage (e.g. tiramisu, frozen desserts, truffles).
Dark Chocolate Powder

Dark chocolate powder with an intense round chocolaty flavor and a long lasting taste. Low in sugar (only 2%) and 100% allergen free. This high fat (32%) cocoa powder enables you to make a 'Dark Chocolate' claim and show real pieces of chocolate on your package. Made without addition of dairy. 

Natural Dark

Dark brown colored yet 100% naturally obtained premium cocoa powder. Produced with no chemical intervention and no addition of additives. 100% free from alkali, dairy, lactose and allergen. 100% Vegan. This unique natural cocoa powder delivers a premium dark brown color combined with a delicious mild cocoa flavor with toasted nuts aroma and a hint of dried fruits.

10/12 NAT Sao Tome

São Tome Origin low fat cocoa powder. This 100% natural cocoa powder has a natural light brown color with an intense brown caramel flavor.

10/12 HD Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Origin fat reduced cocoa powder with unique taste. This highly dutched cocoa powder has a dark brown colour and a milky chocolate flavour.

10/12 HD Ghana

Ghana Origin highly dutched cocoa powder with an intense cocoa and chocolate flavour and rich, reddish color tones. It is particularly suited to dairy applications to express the subtle notes of cacao and strengthen the dairy notes.

20/22 HD Cameroon

Cameroon Origin medium fat cocoa powder with an intense, roasted dark cacao flavor and a distinctive deep dark red color. Thanks to its characteristic powerful cacao flavor, it is particularly suited to bakery products and ice cream.

10/12 Organic Natural Cocoa Powder

100% traceable, organic, natural, fat reduced cocoa powder made from high-quality West African cocoa beans.

10/12 Highly Dutched Organic Cocoa Powder

Organic, fat reduced highly dutched premium cocoa powder made from high-quality West African cocoa beans.

20/22 Highly Dutched Organic Cocoa Powder

Organic, medium fat SR cocoa powder made from high-quality West African cocoa beans.

Black Cocoa Powder

Fat reduced highly dutched cocoa powder with distinctive intense black colour. One of the blackest cocoa powder on the market and the only black cocoa in the market that doesn't require an E-number declaration on the consumer package.

Strong roasted cocoa flavour with slightly bitter after-taste.

Perfect for applications under the evolving 'Goth food trends': indulgent dark biscuits, cakes, fillings and desserts with a unique, dark colour.


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