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Dark chocolate Ecuador

Cocoa from Ecuador gives this dark chocolate its very strong taste with a broad bouquet defined by its high cocoa content, resulting in an earthy undertone followed by impressions of cinnamon and various tropical fruits.

Dark chocolate Papua New Guinea

Starting off with a strong smoky taste, this Papua New Guinea dark chocolate exhibits a creamier, rounder character as it explores the palate, displaying hints of cherry and prune and an explicit cappuccino-like finish.

Dark chocolate Sao Tomé

This dark chocolate with cocoa from Sao Tomé has a strong cocoa flavor with peaks of red and yellow fruits.

Dark chocolate Madagascar

This Chocolate with its origin in Madagascar has a intense cocoa taste, notes of raspberries, juniper berries, apricot and bananas.

Milk chocolate Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Milk chocolates is a suave and creamy milk chocolate with strong fruity notes and delightful impressions of almond biscuit, coconut milk and amaretto. Very balanced and pleasing on the tongue.

Milk chocolate Mexico

With its silky texture and persistent floral and almond aftertaste this chocolate with Mexico cocoa flirts with both sweet and sour, resulting in an incredibly balanced caress of the tongue.

Dark Chocolate Ghana
Ghana chocolate 70%. This chocolate has a strong cocoa character with an appealing bitterness, for a deliciously bittersweet chocolate experience. Ghana is the 2nd cocoa producing country in the world, accounting for 17% of the world's cocoa harvest. Our Cocoa Horizons programme runs direct activities on the ground.
Swiss Chocolate Powder 20% Fat

Signature Swiss made chocolate powder with 20% Fat. This chocolate powder has an unmet purity due to the use of  Swiss sugar.

Milk Chocolate chunks XL

Extra large bake sable milk chocolate chunks.

Caramel Drops

Base of milk and white chocolate with strong notes of caramel flavor.

Dark Chocolate Powder

Dairy free dark chocolate powder with an intense round chocolaty flavor and a long lasting taste. Low in sugar (only 2%) and 100% allergen free. This high fat (32%) cocoa powder enables you to make a 'Dark Chocolate' claim and show real pieces of chocolate on your package.

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