Plant-Based Consumer Trends

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Plant-Based Consumer Trends

Plant-based is booming

The plant-based boom is a fact, and not just a fad but the future of foods. According to Euromonitor, in categories like Milk, Yoghurt, Ice cream and Ready-made meals, the plant-based alternatives have been growing double-digittaking shelf space from traditional meat and dairy. In Milk, for example, their market share has reached a staggering 12% in just a few years (Western Europe, 2020). With the shelves teeming with plant-based options, it's clear that it's becoming the norm. 

Plant-based Shelf
Flexitarian Infographic
Source: Barry Callebaut proprietary consumer survey, fielded digitally in November 2021 using Qualtrics

Driving force behind this? Flexitarians

Flexitarians not completely eliminating meat or dairy, are the ones driving demand for plant-based. Their top 3 motivations to eat plant-based are health, taste and variety. And since they don't have to give up on animal-based options, their expectations towards plant-based are very high: delicious taste, exciting variety and appealing positioning are key.

Getting ahead of the game with sweet goods

In categories like chocolate confectionery, bakery, biscuits the trend is still emerging but gaining momentum and about to reach the tipping point. 60% of consumers aged 18-44 expect each food brand to offer plant-based options. While only 45% are satisfied with the current offering of plant-based milk chocolate. There is a clear gap - and hence an opportunity - for sweet goods brands to tap into.

Key Motivations Infographic
Source: Barry Callebaut proprietary consumer survey, fielded digitally in November 2021 using Qualtrics


Convinced about the untapped opportunity of plant-based in sweet treats and in order to get a better understanding of consumer mindsets, we ran an exclusive consumer survey in 2021. From 6 countries in Europe (France, UK, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain), to the US and Australia, we reached out digitally to more than 3200 respondents, using Qualtrics. We asked consumers about plant-based indulgence, in particular towards the applications of chocolate confectionery, bakery, pastry, cookies and ice cream, to discover intrinsic motivations and barriers to consumption. 

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Shelf of the future

To celebrate the plant-based boom and explore what the Confectionery, Bakery, Biscuits and Ice cream shelves of the future could look like, Barry Callebaut opened an online Plant Craft Pop-up Store. Offering treats across confectionery, pastry, bakery, drinks & ice cream for B2B customers to explore their next plant-based innovation. Created especially for Veganuary 2022!

Unfortunately or store is now closed, but you can still reach out to your sales contact to learn about the shelf of the future and discover our recipes.

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