Bake stable products

Answer consumers’ need to experiment. Give a twist to classic bakes, without any technical constraints. Find out more about or bake stable products here.

Our range of bake stable products can help you create multi-sensorial experiences and delight your customers. Used ‘IN & OUTSIDE’, we offer a comprehensive range of fillings, inclusions & decorations.

Baked goods are created in a million different ways. Different temperatures, different dough recipes, different techniques and so on. Therefore we tested our products in a lot of different applications and environments to guarantee a certain level of bake stability.

These products are developed for 3 types of baked products:

  • Danish & laminated pastries like brioche, croissant, pain au chocolat, etc.
  • Biscuits & Cereals
  • Cakes including donuts, waffles, brownies and muffins.
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We guarantee a certain level of bake stability but it is best to test our products on your own production line. Our technical advisors will be happy to support you during the implementation. 

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