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Where do we source pistachios? How do they grow? Get to know our delicious pistachio products.

Great taste starts with great pistachios

Whole green pistachios

The pistachio tree comes from the Middle East where it has grown in desert conditions for thousands of years. The precious nut has arrived in Greece through the conquests of Alexander the Great and has later reached Italy and Spain under the Roman empire. Although always appreciated, the nut became popular only after the second world war. 

The estimates of the International Nut Council for the crop 2018/19 are that the global crop should reach 771 000 MT, with the United States being the biggest producer with close to 60% of the volumes, followed by Turkey and Iran with a production normally above 100 000 MT for each. Greece is the biggest European producer.

We mainly source in Europe, especially in Spain where production is on the rise. 

How are pistachios grown?

The pistachio tree is drought-resistant, although well-managed irrigation significantly improves yields. Planting pistachio trees is an investment for future generations: the tree has a long juvenile period as it only starts to bear pistachios at least 5 years after being planted, and would reach full maturity only around 15 years old. 

Pistachio trees have the characteristics to only carry either male or female flowers, therefore both types of trees are required to get fruits. The pollination is done by the wind, around April, and pistachios develop until the harvest period around September/October, depending on the region. 

Did you know? Pistachio trees would carry a small crop one year (“off year”) and a bigger one the following year (“on year”). 

Taste the difference with our pistachio products

Once harvested, we treat pistachios with utmost care to preserve their authentic flavors, only to be unleashed in your creations. We’re passionate about nuts, and are proud to offer the best that pistachios can offer:

  • Roasted: whole or chopped
  • Caramelized: fully caramelized (sablages), with pieces of caramelized sugar (crocants)
  • Pralinés
  • Pure pastes & pistachio butters
  • Coatings for ice cream and snack bars

Certifications available: organic

Pistachio praliné - 70% pistachio

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La Morella Nuts pistachio products

Chopped roasted pistachio

Blanched roasted pistachios pieces. Stripped off their skin and medium roasted, freshly-cracked Spanish pistachios reveal an intense fresh taste. Deliciously crunchy! Also available with organic certification.

La Morella
Pistachio crocant 60/40

Crunchy mix of small pistachio pieces and caramelized sugar for the perfect balance of sweet and crunchy. Medium roasting brings out a delicately toasted, fresh pistachio taste. In some markets crocants are better known as ‘bresilienne’, 'pralin' or "praliné pieces". For this product we only use premium quality Spanish pistachios. Can be made organic.

La Morella
Organic pistachio praliné

Freshly cracked and medium roasted organic pistachios and organic caramelized sugar have been finely ground into this praliné. Its high nut content calls for an intense nut flavour, balanced with a touch of sweetness.

La Morella
Pure pistachio paste

Pure 100% pistachio paste. Lightly roasted Spanish pistachios have been finely ground into a paste. a natural way to bring an intense pistachio taste without sugar. Also called "pistachio nut butter". Perfect for non-dairy alternatives.

La Morella

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