The low waste revolution of the cacaofruit

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The low waste revolution of the cacaofruit

For centuries, the cacaofruit has been harvested for its seeds (beans) while 70% of the fruit was simply thrown away. Cabosse Naturals decided this had to change and developed an innovative and unprecedented up-cycling supply chain to harness the natural richness of the cacaofruit.

From cacaofruit to cacaofruit concentrate

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The journey of the cacaofruit starts in the tropical regions around the Equator on farms where the cacaofruit trees grow. Once ripe, the colourful fruits are harvested by hand, cleaned, and opened to remove the seeds (beans) from the fresh white pulp.

The seeds are then used to make delicious chocolate after they are fermented and dried. Traditionally, the cacaofruit seeds were used for chocolate, meaning that 70% of the fruit was completely discarded. Now, thanks to Cabosse Naturals, the cacaofruit cascara, which accounts for 45% of the complete cacaofruit, is dried and ground into a fine nutritious flour.

The cacaofruit pulp is quickly pressed into juice to preserve the fresh aromas of the fruit. Afterward the cacaofruit juice is filtered, gently pasteurized, and concentrated to obtain the cacaofruit juice concentrate.

Using the entire Cacaofruit

Cabosse Naturals has developed a low waste supply chain to guarantee complete, 100% usage of the rich and nutritious cacaofruit. Each year, about 14 million tons of cacaofruits are harvested around the world. Whereas previously 70% of the cacaofruit was thrown away (as much as 10 million tons), now not only its seeds (beans) but also the dried peel and the fresh and juicy pulp can be used. 

Cabosse Naturals now leads the Upcycled Food Revolution by upcycling the entire cacaofruit. Did you know upcycled food is the single most effective solution to global warming? Upcycled foods are using ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, and are procured and produced using verifiable supply chains, and have a positive impact on the environment. 

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This revolutionary process turns what is usually discarded into high quality, delicious and 100% natural cacaofruit ingredients!

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