Snacking Bar

Crunchy, chewy and indulgent, these bars are absolute winners. 


Created by
  • Clare England - Chocolate Academy Chef

Crispearl Layer

Ingredients Preparation
  • 60g
    Crispearls™ - Milk Chocolate - 0,8kg

Sprinkle milk chocolate crispearls into a 24cm square frame and spread out evenly.

Gold Caramel

Ingredients Preparation

Melt the gold chocolate.

Mix the Callebaut caramel with the gold chocolate and stir well.

Spread between two sheets of silicon paper.

Roll to 5mm thickness.

Place in a 12c fridge for 30 minutes to firm.

Cut to a 24cm square.

Place the caramel on top of the crispearl layer.

Crunchy Layer

Ingredients Preparation

Melt the dark gia.

  • 5g
    sea salt

Stir in the pailette feuilletine and sea salt.

Pour on top of the caramel Layer and spread evenly.

Place in a 12c fridge and allow to set for 2 hours.

Once set, remove from the frame and cut into 12cm x 4cm rectangles.

Enrobe in milk chocolate.

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