Setting the benchmark for sustainable dairy production

Setting the benchmark for sustainable dairy production

What is sustainable dairy? Together with the Food Animal Initiative (FAI) we have formulated 15 principles that answer this question.

Barry Callebaut has partnered with FAI, a farm sustainability consultancy and research organization, to create the VisionDairy program. Our goal? To create a sustainable benchmark for dairy production addressing animal welfare, environmental protection and farm performance. In order to reach this goal we have formulated a charter with 15 principles that lay out our expectations with regards to sustainability in dairy, ranging from animal welfare, greenhouse gas emissions, soil and water management, to worker health and safety. Furthermore, we have jointly developed a set of outcome measures to be collected through an innovative online platform that allows farmers to demonstrate their impact and development with regards to the principles formulated in the charter. Lastly, we are aiming to drive innovation through joint research programs.

We are currently setting up a pilot with a selected group of joint Barry Callebaut suppliers in order to fine-tune the charter and outcome measures and establish first farmer groups to work with. Upon successful completion of the pilot we hope to roll-out the program more widely in the coming years.

Christiaan Prins

Christiaan Prins

VP Corporate Communications for Barry Callebaut. Believer in the urgent business case for sustainability. Married, father of two. Ph.D. in political science. Cyclist, sailer and Fender Strat player.

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