Opening BC Studio Bandung

Opening new doors to Craft, Create & Collaborate!

Barry Callebaut today launches our first BC Studio in Asia. Built with a vision to cater to the evolving needs of food manufacturers and their markets in the region, the new BC Studio in Bandung, Indonesia, is a cool addition to our host of innovation capabilities.

Passionately speaking on what the new BC Studio brings to Asia in his welcome speech at the Opening of the Studio today, Ben De Schryver, Regional President, Barry Callebaut, Asia Pacific, said, “BC Studio is all about co-creation. Co-creation is a truly unique journey where we leverage our market and consumer understanding, our cocoa and chocolate expertise, as well as our network of trendsetting and creative chefs to build relevant and differentiating brand experiences together.”

BC Studio Bandung
A deliberate move away from the typical “cold” innovation spaces, the BC Studio is modern, bright and fresh.
"BC Studio is all about co-creation... (where we) build relevant and differentiating brand experiences together."
Ben De Schryver, Regional President, Barry Callebaut, Asia Pacific

Co-create & Collaborate

BC Studio Bandung
The new BC Studio is primed to provide tailor made solutions and ideas for cakes, pastries, ice-cream, beverages and many more.

In essence, Barry Callebaut makes inspiring chocolate and cocoa dreams come true! It is an innovation center where good quality ingredients are combined with expertise and passion to develop inspiring new ideas and creations. It is also the place-to-be for a sneak peek at what is up-to-minute and what defines the chocolate and cocoa experiences of tomorrow.

Equipped with the latest kitchen applications such as ovens, dough and ice cream maker, the new BC Studio offers endless potential for the exercising of creativity in confectionery applications. There is also a contemporary open kitchen space for customers to get up close and personal to the “craftsmen at work” and be inspired by their live action.

We aim to inspire

Some of the other key elements of the studio are a carefully curated inspirational space as well as a break out lounge area for customers to engage in insightful discussions with our sales, product development teams and chefs within a relaxed setting.

The teams in the new BC Studio can provide valuable global insights on trends and create products specific to a customer’s request. They may also simply display a range of new applications for a customer to see.

With a wide variety of premium quality and innovative specialty products, including chocolate, cocoa, coatings and fillings, the BC Studio bubbles with potential for food manufacturers. Especially so with the launch of several new Bensdorp™ cocoa powders, these products can be used for a broad range of applications and to cater to a customer’s personalized needs and wants.

The launch of the first Asia Pacific BC Studio in Bandung, Indonesia, on August 16, 2017, carried the same flavor and ambience as the very successful BC Studio pop-ups staged at some of the world’s largest chocolate fairs: 

BC Studio opening in Bandung
The official opening was attended by some of the leading food manufacturers in Asia. Guests were treated to confectionery applications that were specially designed to carry a sustainable cocoa narrative (in picture: Chef Cindy Lin).
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