Meet Barry Callebaut's employees - Jemi Boye-Okit

Meet Barry Callebaut's employees – Jemi Boye-Okit

Jemi Boye-Okit, Manager Global Material & Vendor Assurance at Barry Callebaut and a proud mother of 3 teenagers.
Customs back home in Africa and the corridors of Brussels are truly different worlds!

Jemi is accustomed to change and has embraced the nomadic life in her career. As a child, she attended a total of six primary and high schools since she moved regularly with her father, who led multiple electrification projects in Ghana as a Regional Engineer. Not in her wildest dreams would she ever have thought about relocating to Belgium:

Jemi Boye-Okit
Jemi exploring Europe
Too structured, too bureaucratic…. Or so I thought until I saw the vacancy on the Barry Callebaut job portal. I was thrilled when I learned that I got the job and joined the Global Materials and Vendor Assurance team in March 2015.

Jemi enjoys working in her new role in Belgium, be it on innovative R&D projects or resolving supplier incidents with the Barry Callebaut Sourcing Team. She also works on audits with the Regional Quality Assurance Team, on benchmarking delivery requirements with the Operations and Supply Chain Organization, or on integrating new acquisitions in SAP with Information Management.

At least once a year, you are likely to find my family and I running for charity in one city or the other.

For Jemi's family, the change was not so easy. In their new home, they had to turn down the volume on one of their favorite songs - Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ - after they received a terse notice of the house rules from the concierge; a subtle reminder that customs back home in Africa and the corridors of Brussels are truly different worlds!

Jemi and her husband are proud that their children integrated well at school after initial language challenges. While the adventure lasts, they take the opportunity to explore different cultures and perspectives across Europe. 

Jemi at the London Vitality Run
Jemi and her family at the Vitality London 10K run
Cornelia Sibold

Cornelia Sibold

Working as a Webmaster in Barry Callebaut's Corporate Communications Team, Cornelia is passionate about trekking, traveling, nature and languages. As a mountain enthusiast, you will most probably find her tackling some remote summit in the Alps, Andes or the Himalaya.

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