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Driving sustainable cane sugar production: Barry Callebaut joins Bonsucro

Barry Callebaut has joined Bonsucro, the global change platform for sugarcane. Sugar, being a key ingredient in chocolate, plays an important role in our Forever Chocolate sustainability journey towards 100% sustainable ingredients in our products.

Bonsucro is a multi-stakeholder platform bringing together industry representatives and NGOs to work on a sustainable cane sugar value chain. Sugarcane is grown in over 100 countries around the world, presenting a diverse set of sustainability challenges. These include concerns around human and labor rights, environmental challenges such as soil erosion and water scarcity, as well as developing ways to include smallholders in the conversation. Becoming a member in Bonsucro will help us to drive sustainable solutions for cane-growing communities and ecosystems, expand our understanding of the challenges within the sugarcane sector, and will bring us to the forefront of promoting positive change. This is also another important step on our Forever Chocolate journey towards 100% sustainable ingredients in our products by 2025.


We recognize the value a pre-competitive platform can bring, creating more effective and impactful change within sugarcane. We look forward to working with peers, customers, suppliers and other Bonsucro members to drive sustainability in this sector. 

Steve Woolley, Vice President Sourcing, Americas

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Christiaan Prins

Christiaan Prins

Head of External Affairs for Barry Callebaut. Believer in the urgent business case for sustainability. Married, father of two. Ph.D. in political science. Cyclist, sailer and Fender Strat player.

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