Chocolate decoration brand Mona Lisa now available in Mexico - the 50th market globally


Chocolate decoration brand Mona Lisa now available in Mexico - the 50th market globally

Strengthening our global leadership in chocolate decorations
Mona Lisa Mexico
From Left to Right: Rene Chavez - Gourmet Sales Director Mexico; Ofelia Elias - Gourmet Trade Marketing; Chef Alan Espinoza - Head of Chocolate Academy Mexico; Olga Garcia - Marketing Manager Mexico; Chef José Ramón Castillo - Star chocolatier Mexico


Mona Lisa, the global decoration brand of Barry Callebaut, continues its geographical expansion and is now also present in Mexico. We celebrated this important milestone with Chef José Ramón Castillo, the renowned star chocolatier from Mexico, via live-stream.


Our chocolate decoration brand Mona Lisa® brings to life the most artistic chocolate creations. Its goal is to create a WOW! factor for consumers through color, taste, texture and shape. With its chocolate decorations, Mona Lisa empowers chefs to delight their customers with unique and exceptional creations while making their work in the kitchen more efficient.

Today's consumers are hungry for intense sensory pleasures. A premium dessert should not just satisfy the palate, but enchant it. To do this, it must appeal to all the senses and also stimulate them through color, texture and shape. I am delighted that consumers in Mexico will be able to experience this in the future.
Patricia Cas Medina, Mona Lisa Global Brand Leader
The introduction of Mona Lisa in Mexico is a perfect example of our approach in Gourmet. We seized the pandemic as an opportunity to sharpen our business model and to broaden our customer footprint. With Mona Lisa we cover more of our customers' product needs and help them enrich their offer by making it visually exciting.
Dries Roekaerts, Vice President of Global Gourmet at Barry Callebaut

Active on five continents and in 50 countries

The launch of Mona Lisa in Mexico is another milestone on an impressive expansion course. Founded in 1987 by pastry chef Peter Thom, who had the vision to produce pre-made decorations to make his desserts more attractive, our global chocolate decoration brand Mona Lisa is today active on five continents and in 50 markets. Even the COVID-19 pandemic could not slow recent growth.

In India, Mona Lisa was launched in January 2021 with a product portfolio for the fast-growing, professional home baking and ice cream markets. In Brazil, Mona Lisa was launched in March 2021 to capture the high-end decorations market. And as of this year, China is no longer a blind spot on the map either. With the launch of Mona Lisa in this immense market, our aim is to further take a leading position in the gourmet and specialty market and develop products with added value specifically for the Chinese consumers.

launch of Mona Lisa in Mexico

Artful creations with 100% sustainably sourced cocoa

The chocolate for Mona Lisa® is made from 100% sustainable cocoa that supports cocoa farming communities through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, our preferred vehicle to enable the implementation of sustainability activities. Cocoa Horizons is an impact driven program focused on cocoa farmer prosperity and helping to build self-sustaining farming communities that protect nature and children.

Mona Lisa offers a full palette of decorations

Mona Lisa offers a full palette of decorations to add color, flavor, texture and shape to chocolates, pastries, desserts and bakes. Customers include in-store bakeries, hotels, restaurants, caterers and industrial bakeries. Mona Lisa is continually expanding their product portfolio to provide customers with the most inspired and unique products necessary to create world-class desserts. Our entire decoration portfolio can now be found under our global decoration brand Mona Lisa with iconic products such as Crispearls®, ChocRocks®, Blossoms, Shavings, and Granellas.

Mona Lisa's decorations for chocolates, pastries, desserts and bakes
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