Barry Callebaut presents its FullFill Factory™ concept

Barry Callebaut presents its FullFill Factory™ concept at ISM 2015 for more personalization

Freedom of creativity for every food manufacturer
  • FullFill Factory™: a new innovative solution to support creativity and flexibility, while offering new ways of personalization
  • Barry Callebaut makes personalization easy and accessible for all food manufacturers, from small to large

Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products, presents its latest service offering at the ISM 2015 in Cologne: the Barry Callebaut FullFill Factory™. Designed to answer the increasing need of personalization and flexibility for both small and large food manufacturers alike, the FullFill Factory™ creates added value through a broad array of personalization options with base products as well as added colors, flavors, and texture.

“The FullFill Factory™ caters to the demand for personalized concepts present in all market segments, being mainly confectionery, bakery and ice cream. With the FullFill Factory™ our customers can easily and promptly adapt to the constantly changing consumer environment and market trends. Our solution provides all the means necessary to reach that goal,” says Sofie De Lathouwer, Marketing Director FM Western Europe at Barry Callebaut.

A 4-step solution 

The personalization process is made up of 4 possible steps: the customer chooses the desired base product (being chocolate, compound or a filling) and has the possibility to add color(s), flavor(s) and/or texture. The FullFill Factory™ provides great flexibility in its color and flavor offerings for all food manufactures thanks to the convenient 1 kg format of cocoa butter based flavor and color components, called FullFlavors™ and FullColors™respectively. The Color Master ensures convenient use and guarantees consistent results, time after time. A comprehensive variation of these components and the ease in which they can be mixed, melted and dosed, ensures the FullFill Factory™ concept offers the most convenient and personalized creativity solution.

Components can be blended with the customer’s own equipment or with the Barry Callebaut FlexMelter™. This is the world’s first flexible melting and blending container for solid and liquid chocolate, compounds and fillings. The FlexMelter™ is created to support the process of blending in smaller batches or quantities, while avoiding contamination issues with normal production lines. Besides, Barry Callebaut can also produce the complete product in-house and deliver the finished product to its customers.

Barry Callebaut’s expertise supports customer’s creativity

“We wanted to add a new service supporting the talent and ideas of all food manufacturers: creativity should not be limited by a company’s size. More than a practical tool, the FullFill Factory™ is a service to enable our customers to offer their desired product to the marketplace,” says Sofie De Lathouwer. “Not only do we provide our customers with concrete means and components to experiment and realize their favorite recipe, we also share our savoir-faire to make sure their creation is feasible, top-quality, and legally compliant.”

There are certain legal regulations for the use of colors and some flavors in manifold applications. The Barry Callebaut’s FullFill Factory™ concept offers a unique selling proposition to its customers by adding the support that calculates the legally allowed doses to comply with EU legislation; customers no longer have to worry if their products are compliant with the latest regulations.  

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Note to the editor: Barry Callebaut’s FullFill Factory™ will be presented by Barry Callebaut Chefs during the entire ISM 2015 exhibition; from February 1– 4, at the Barry Callebaut booth (Hall 10.2 – booth C010 – D019)


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