Forever Chocolate

Five years into our bold plan to make sustainable chocolate the norm
Sustainability is at the heart of Barry Callebaut and we are proud of the impact we are driving in our industry. With launching Forever Chocolate back in 2016, we outlined our bold plan to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025.

Halfway through our Forever Chocolate plan - a status report in seven chapters

Five years in, our Forever Chocolate Progress Report 2020/21 marks a special moment. As we are halfway through our plan, we take stock of our progress to date, capture our learnings, and plan further actions that will be required to reach our targets by 2025.

We have talked to various in-house experts to give all our stakeholders an overview of what we have achieved so far, what challenges we still face and what are the key priorities for reaching our ambitions.

Chapter 1: How are we making sustainable chocolate the norm?

We want to make sustainable chocolate the norm in the whole industry, so we want to inspire others to follow our lead.
Peter Boone, CEO

Chapter 2: Child Labor

I would really like to build a framework with our external community, with our competitors, customers, governments and foundations, so that we all have a vision on how we want to impact the wellbeing of the children.
Neelke Verhelst, Global Human Rights Lead, Barry Callebaut

Chapter 3: Supporting cocoa farmers

The big challenge that we're facing is how do you drive more labor and more investment in the farm, with people who cannot afford more investing?
Nicolas Mounard, Global Sustainability and Farming Director, Barry Callebaut

Chapter 4: Seeds for Change - Together we make sustainable chocolate the norm

We want all Barry Callebaut employees to be part of the Forever Chocolate movement. That's why we initiated Seeds for Change three years ago.
Adrienn Kelemen, Sustainability Engagement Manager

Stay tuned for the publication of the next - fifth - chapter of our Forever Chocolate 2020/21 documentary - to be published here in July.

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