Nuts Innovation - Vegan and Plant-based

Discover how we combine the nutritional goodness of nuts with delicious taste in a variety of applications, including our innovative vegan and plant-based concept drinks to meet the needs of every consumer.

Driven by health concerns and the worries of environmental sustainability, more consumers are seeking plant-based milks and non-dairy milk alternatives. According to Nielson (2016), 40% of today’s consumers are trying to include more vegan foods into their meals. Thus, instead of the traditional leaders in the category like almond milk and soy milk, consumers are expanding their palate for plant-based milks such as cashew milk and pecan milk.   

Our La Morella nuts site brings us nuts with a play on taste with the freshness and goodness from the rapid processing and decades of nuts expertise. Our innovation team has been able to offer nuts in an endless variety of applications, including combining them with vegan and plant-based drinks, all without losing the freshness and nutritional value of the nuts.

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