Natural Dark Cocoa Powder

True mastery is measured in lifetimes. From sourcing the finest cacao fruit to crafting exquisite cocoa powders for the most deliciously refined uses. For moments of pure pleasure.

At Barry Callebaut, we are on a constant journey of perfecting the process and ingredients to offer our consumers a 100% natural cocoa powder, with no added chemicals or additives. Through the selection of premium West African-origin beans, our Natural Dark Cocoa Powder boasts a mild cocoa flavor with a hint of dried fruits, providing a perfect blend with other toasted aromas such as coffee, tonka, dried fruits, buckwheat and nuts (pecan and macadamia).

We also strive to innovate for the consumers of the future by ensuring a process which is dairy-, alkali-, allergen- and lactose-free to offer the right balance of taste, texture and color for our cocoa powder.

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