Get to know the cacao pod, a rediscovered wonderfruit

The cacao pod is the peel or shell of the beloved cacaofruit. Previously, only the beans, or better known as the seeds, of the cacaofruit were used to create chocolate in all its forms. The cacao pod was considered as waste or compost for the livestock of the cacaofarmers. Nowadays, we use the cacao pod, or cacaofruit shell, to create the cacaofruit cascara: a fine flour made from the dried and ground peel.

Can you eat the cacao pod?

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The cacao pod used to be thrown away after the seeds were collected, so it wasn’t common to eat the cacao pod. At Cabosse Naturals, we harness the entire cacaofruit, including the cacao pod, and create nutritious cacaofruit ingredients from the pulp and peel:

What does the cacao pod taste like?

Unlike the refreshing fruity and citric pulp of the cacaofruit, the cacao pod has more of a herbal flavor, with roasted earthy notes. The cacao pod is used to create the cacaofruit cascara, and can be used as an uplifted substitute for, for example, flour.

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Cabosse Naturals is a proud member of the Upcycled Food Association and as the cacaofruit expert, we’re leading the low waste revolution in cacaofruit. Rather than seeing 70% of the cacaofruit discarded to waste, we upcycle the entire fruit and create a range of 100% pure cacaofruit ingredients.

The delicious ingredients of the nutrient-rich cacaofruit are now officially Upcycled Certified. The certification empowers brands and artisans to communicate about their efforts to prevent food waste and fight climate change. On top of that: it helps consumers make a positive impact with every purchase they make.

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