S'more waffles by Mark Seaman

Find out how to create these luxurious chocolate waffles, using Mona Lisa gold marzipan crunch and chocolate sprinkles dusted in gold metallic powder.

S'more waffles by Mark Seaman

S'more waffles by Mark Seaman


  • White Chocolate Blossoms
    The ultimate chocolate sprinkle. White Chocolate blossoms are the perfect decoration for almost all desserts and pastries. Because of their elegant look, these tiny curls are perfect for plated desserts, pastries and even ice cream. Approximate size L: 9 +/- 1,5mm, W: 5+/-1mm.
  • Caramel Blossoms

    These small curled Caramel Blossoms will enrich your desserts with both flavour and texture. Perfect to sprinkle on muffins, donuts, cupcakes or cream pies. Approximate size L: 9 +/- 1,5mm, W: 5+/-1mm.

  • White Chocolate X-Large Chocolate Pencils

    Mona Lisa's elegant rolled White Chocolate Pencils (D: 7, L: 200mm) add texture and sophistication. The chocolate sticks can be used in plated desserts, larger sized cakes or to accompany ice creams.

  • Almond and sugar crunch gold

    Mona Lisa's gold coloured almond and sugar crunch adds a luxurious appeal to your delicious creations. This sprinkle can be used for both festive and non-festive applications.

  • Creative Gold Metallic Powder

    Gold metallic powder instantly adds a glamorous shine to all your creations. Brush on confectionery, pastries and cakes.

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