Power Flowers™ App

If colored foods are your thing, no other product beats the convenience of our Power Flowers food colorants. The success of this range has led to an app that’s just as easy to use. Color chocolate, doughs, mousses and more in exactly the shade you want. This Power Flowers App is a library of colors.

One that inspires and helps you pick your favorite shades. There’s more, too: it even checks and double-checks the permitted color quota of your recipe. It’s a simple and safe backup that deals with all your doubts about rules or restrictions. The app also features our range of Power Flowers with natural coloring, made from ingredients such as beetroot and spirulina. 

With the Color Master in the app, you can browse a vast range of Power Flowers™ color combinations. Save your favorites to start using them in your kitchen. Soon you’ll be able to create your own color recipes as well!

Check out the demo video below!

Food Paint App

If you are into printing color, patterns and transfer sheets, the Food Paint App is your clever assistant. It holds IBC’s entire spectrum of chocolate printing colors, from which you can choose à la carte. Picking and printing colors in itself is easy; applying the rules that go with them is tougher. Color restrictions are both country-specific and market-specific, which makes the legislation quite complex. With the Food Paint App, we create clarity and convert the regulations into clear do’s and don’ts. 

How does it work? At IBC, every color you can print with has its own specific description. It says exactly what you can and cannot do internationally when you use chocolate transfer sheets on your creations!

Select and simulate colors on dark, white and milk chocolate in every possible category: From Natural Origin, Non-Azo, CocoArt, E number free, Titanium Dioxide free, and more. 

Download the Food Paint App now and see it all for yourself!

Food Paint App logo

Demo of the free Power Flowers™ App

Power Flowers™ food coloring

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Small Heart Bonbon Cups - Dark Chocolate - 300 pieces

This heart cup is perfect for more than just Valentine's Day. Whether you fill them and serve or fill and enrobe, both options are a fun two bite sweet treat! (H: 25.4mm, D:25.4mm) 

Dark Chocolate Dome

Made with an extra bitter chocolate 64%, Dome makes your dessert an extraodinary chocolate experience. It can be used as a cup, dome or sphere, an infinity of applications is possible. Let seduce your clients with this thin, shiny and smooth shell !

Pastel marbled Tulip Cups

Colourful Pastel Marbled Tulip Cups (D: 70, H: 64mm) are thin yet rich in chocolate flavour. Every single cup has a unique look due to the innovative production process of the cups. They can be filled with cream, mousse or ganache for rich chocolate flavours.

Dark Coffee Cup

This cup resembles an actual coffee cup which makes it perfect for any drink-inspired filling. (H: 62-66mm, D:70mm) Whip up some coffee-flavored mousse, top with cream and a coffee bean, and serve!

Dark Mini Coffee Cup

This cup resembles an actual coffee cup, but just mini! (H: 43-46mm, D: 50mm) Whip up some coffee flavored mousse, top with cream and a coffee bean and serve!

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