Color and texture with sprays

Dessert with a velvet texture

Color and texture with sprays

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Our sprays are designed for maximum effect, such as our Velvet Sprays, which give you luscious texture on frozen applications.

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Small Heart Bonbon Cups - Dark Chocolate - 300 pieces
Chocolate Taco Shells

The perfect size for individual portions:

Just fill and present — each taco is an ideal individual serving size.


High-quality sustainable dark (64%) chocolate:

Premium taste, texture, and snap! From HoReCa and pastry chefs, to ice cream makers — the tacos are designed to be used for all businesses alike.


Easy to fill, for bespoke creations in no-time:

Pick your fillings and load your tacos: that’s all it takes for an eye-catching creation.


Protected from breakage inside blister packaging:

Each taco shell comes in a custom-made blister.


Dark Chocolate Mini Cups

Dark Couverture Chocolate Mini Cups (D: 40, H: 14mm) have a ridged structure and a rich chocolate flavour. This cup is perfect for buffets, individual desserts and confectionery.

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