What can
we do
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Let us be your muze to make it

Shapes, colours and textures to delight your customer's day

Mona Lisa brings you a great choice of shapes, textures and colours to easily turn your everyday creations into extraordinary delights. Even the BIG 5 - such as the éclair, brownie, ice cream, mœlleux and many more - now become stars in your shop window or on the menu. 

what we can do for you
bakery and pastry

Happier customers and loyal fans are willing to spend more

Turning any pastry, chocolate or dessert into a remarkable showstopper not only makes your customers happier. It also makes them spend more at your shop or restaurant...

The future starts now: what will consumers want tomorrow?

Mona Lisa works together with leading trend agencies and influential chefs to get a grip on tomorrow’s consumer expectations. Together we translate them into a source of inspiration for you. Definitely check out the trend section to catch a glimpse of the near future today.

Consumers of tomorrow
Crazy details

And we're crazy about the detail

Your intricate attention to detail drives us to apply the same attention to the design, production and finishing of our decorations. And of course we pack and ship them with the same great care.

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