Sustainable Cocoa Growing Programme

Sustainable Cocoa

Sustainable Cocoa Growing Programme

Extraordinary detail starts with supporting cocoa farmers

Turning your everyday creations into extraordinary delights may start with a small, creative gesture: the addition of your carefully picked chocolate decorations. Yet with Mona Lisa, each of your small gestures can make a big difference.

Since our story starts at the source, with support to the cocoa farming communities who provide us with their best beans. We work closely together with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to monitor, coach and support the cocoa farming communities in improving their livelihoods.

Training farmers

To grow cocoa sustainably and responsibly, increase their yields and improve farmer family livelihood. 

Paying a farmer premium

This premium directly increases their income from cocoa farming and enables farmers to invest in their farms and communities.


In addition to promoting school enrolment and attendance, the Cocoa Horizons Foundation contributes to infrastructure when communities lack adequate primary and secondary school facilities.

Training farmers
Women's empowerment

Child protection

The foundation promotes the importance of schooling in our farmer training, and works with communities to raise awareness about child labor, to better understand its causes, and to develop constructive solutions.

Women's empowerment

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation supports literacy and business skills training, and works with community-based women’s groups to create income generation opportunities.


The foundation works with communities to provide boreholes and water filters in schools and households in remote areas. We also improve farmer access to basic health care services, including a health insurance program, vaccination campaigns, and free medical check-ups.

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