Power Flowers™

Pralines colored with Power Flowers From Natural Origin

Power Flowers™

Our Power Flowers™ are more than just food colorants. It's a new way of working with color! The flower shape makes it intuitive and easy to dose the right amount of color for your recipe, and a little bit Power Flowers™ go a very long way! Read on to learn more about how our Power Flowers™ food coloring system works, or dive right into our tutorial videos below!

‘Power’ fully concentrated

Just a few Power Flowers™ highly concentrated colored cocoa butter are all you need to color 400gr of fat-based mass.

Not only chocolate

Power Flowers™ can color chocolate, but even any fat-based recipe, such as cocoa butter, ice cream, glazes, sugar paste and fondant, buttercream, dough, marzipan and more.

Unlimited color palette

With Power Flowers™ in 4 primary colors, you can create every color imaginable. The Color Masters and the free Mobile App give the right formula for creating every possible color.

From Natural Origin

Power Flowers™ are not just available in AZO and Non-AZO, but we also offer a range of natural food coloring: Power Flowers™ From Natural Origin, which are based on beetroot red, spirulina blue and curcumine yellow. This way you can create color without compromising on specific rules imposed by legislation.


Power Flowers™ melt right away in liquid chocolate or cocoa butter: you can immediately start coloring.

Consistent results

The amounts as indicated on the Color Masters or Mobile App will guarantee the same result each and every time. With no wastage.

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What are Power Flowers™?

Power Flowers food coloring

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