The main quality of this type of sponge is that it results in a very airy, light and delicate product.
It is very quick to prepare and can be made in small quantities.



Ideal for use in the catering industry for the assembly of desserts or as a final touch in decoration of certain cakes or pastries.
Once cooked, it can be frozen and used when necessary.


Created by
  • Ramon Morato - Global Creative Innovation Leader for the Cacao Barry® brand

Basic recipe

ingredients preparation
  • 220g
    Nut and dried fruit praline 50%
  • 180g
    egg whites
  • 30g
    weak flour
  • 2g
  1. Mix all the ingredients whilst cold with the in a mixer, then strain
  2. Put the mixture into a siphon piping bag with 3 gas cartridges, then shake vigorously
  3. Pierce the bottom of plastic glasses and fill less than half a glass with the sponge mixture
  4. Cook in the microwave at 900W for approximately 40 seconds

*If you wish to substitute the praline 50% by pure pastes or other pralines, you can do so by substituting the quantity indicated in the recipe by the quantities indicated below:

Pure dried fruit paste

Praliné Onctueux caramélisé

Praliné Onctueux Pur Fruit

A l'Ancienne


Clean the siphon thoroughly before use to make sure it does not clog up during the process.

Pierce the bottom of plastic glasses which will be used for cooking the sponge to allow vapour escape during cooking.

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