Upgrade your menu with milkshake recipes inspired by
Van Houten 5 Colours of Ground Chocolate for drinks.
Which of these original milkshakes will you be creating next?

The Hero Shake

A menu without a cookies n' cream shake is a crime! But The Hero Shake is here to save the day with a crunchy and silky smooth delight.


The Freak Shake

Freakishly sweet. Freakishly good.
Taste sweet caramel softness with a sprinkle of crunch.


The Crazy Shake

A splash of berry madness with an exotic coconut feel.
A donut on top too? Yes. It's The Crazy Shake.


The Luxury Shake

Over the top richness. A velvety and creamy mouthfeel.
This is what chocolate extravagance tastes like.


The Mintdful Shake

Plant-based has never tasted this good.
Minty and mindful. This is The Mintdful Shake.

VH Ganache

Tutorial-how to make ganache

Revolutionary water based ganache with 5 of colours chocolate

Discover the Ground Chocolate

  • Beverages - Van Houten Ruby Chocolate Drink Powder - 0.75kg box

    Van Houten Ruby Chocolate Drink powder is the world’s first Ruby Chocolate Drink powder. Ruby is the 4th type of chocolate and an entirely unique taste experience that will stimulate your customers’ senses. Neither bitter, milky or sweet. Ruby provides a balance of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness. Start creating wonderful moments with Ruby Chocolate drink powder today

    Van Houten
  • Beverages - Van Houten Gold Chocolate Drink Powder - 0.75kg box

    Expertly crafted caramel chocolate drink powder. Experience the flavour and texture of luscious caramel inside a chocolate drink that quenches the thirst for nostalgia and childhood memories. Made with caramelised sugar and caramelised milk, it delivers indulgent notes of toffee, butter and cream. Fully sustainably sourced cocoa via Cocoa Horizons

    Van Houten
  • Beverages - Van Houten Ground Dark - 0.75kg box

    Experience a new world of flavours ground dark chocolate for drinks

    Intensely dark and bitter with subtle roasted notes. This is an intense 100% chocolate drink, that’s rich, deep and perfectly balanced. Have a taste of pure chocolate indulgence made with sustainably sourced cocoa. Fit for both dairy and plant-based milks.


    Van Houten
  • Beverages - Van Houten Ground White - 0.75kg box

    Experience a new world of flavours ground white chocolate for drinks

    The go-to colour for everyone craving lusciously creamy white chocolate without compromise. Experience a 100% real chocolate treat for drinks. With hints of vanilla, this sustainably sourced cocoa, clean-label ground chocolate is ready to elevate your offer.

    Van Houten

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