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Sweet Dark Filling

Fine dulcet notes with mild cocoa intensity that accentuate the creamy and velvety mouthfeel of this recipe for a pleasant buttery lavishness.

Sweet Dark Filling

Sweet full- bodied cocoa recipe with medium roasted beans for a lingering piquancy of woodsy aroma.

Dark Milk Filling

A sensual tango of pronounced cocoa notes and sweet milky fragrance to elicit gourmet charm to the senses.

Rich White Filling

Intensely sweet and milky body with low melting rate for a rich and creamy velour. Intriguing with a hint of vanilla undertone for an epicurean relish.

Rich White Filling with Natural Vanilla

Nectarous sweetness infused in an unctuously creamy milky body that encompasses subtle aroma of vanilla for a delectable taste profile.

Mellow White Filling

Highly versatile silken recipe encapsulated with a balanced intensity of milky, creamy and sweetness for a well- rounded character.

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