No dairy added chocolate range

Dairy free chocolate

No dairy added chocolate range

A great-tasting and delectably good range of no dairy added products determined to delight your customers until the cows come home.

Dairy-free is a huge and growing trend in Europe and North America. The dairy market is estimated at a total of 60 000 MT, of which a third is chocolate. With chocolate, we can see examples of dairy-free applications in cereals, confectionery, ice-cream and non-dairy drinks.

Barry Callebaut has taken this on, to master taste and recipe through innovation, exploring new dairy replacers for dairy-containing products our consumers already love and consume. The biggest challenge here is then perfecting the use of tiger nuts, quinoa, gluten-free oat, among others, in creating the right balance between taste, texture and functionality in these products. The Magnum Vegan is one such product part of our 'no dairy added' success story.

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