Nuts Center of Expertise

Hazelnut choux

Nuts Center of Expertise

A tailor-made journey

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of nuts with a day at our Nuts Center of Expertise

Imagined as a tailor-made journey, this day is perfect if you are looking to:

  • Discover or enhance your knowledge of nuts
  • Work on finding the perfect ingredient for a new product
  • Get inspired by the biggest trends in nuts: health, premiumization, …

For whom?

Artisans: pastry chefs, chocolatiers, gelato masters

Food manufacturers: R&D technologists, marketing or procurement managers


Discover what you could experience during a day at the Nuts Center of Expertise.

1 - Immerse yourself in the fields

Hazelnut orchards in Spain

“Born in the nuts groves…”

The Nuts Center of Expertise is located in the heart of the main hazelnut growing region in Spain, a few minutes away from nuts fields. Dive into this delicious world with a walk through the nuts orchards and get to see our sustainability program on the ground.

2 - A journey for your senses

Nuts are more than ever the number one option to play with textures and taste combinations.

Our Sensory and R&D teams pride themselves on developing the first sensory vocabulary to describe flavors and textures of thousands of nut products and provide you with pairing recommendations. Cashew, almond, pecan...; raw, roasted or caramelized, each of these carries a unique flavor and texture profile.

3 - From nuts orchards to your product

Donuts with caracrackine and caramelized hazelnuts

Whether you are a food manufacturer or an artisan, get to know the nutritional benefits of nuts and taste our delicious nut products in your application. Tastings are prepared in our professional atelier by our chefs and application technologists. 

Nut drinks, confectionery, bakery/pastry, biscuits or ice cream: increase the speed of your product development and get, in one day, the most delicious nut ingredients perfectly tailored to your application

4 - Create your signature

The Nuts Center of Expertise is an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our R&D teams to create a unique nut-based ingredient tailored to your taste. Play with origins, textures, roasting and caramelization degrees to create your own praliné, filling or nut inclusion!

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Hazelnut praliné à l’ancienne

How to start your nuts journey?

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