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Hazelnut Filling 10%

A smooth bold-flavoured hazelnut and chocolate bakestable filling, with 10% nut content. Because we refine all ingredients together in a continuous process, our mouthfeel is unrivalled. Made with RSPO palm oil. Perfect for bakery/pastry applications"

La Morella
White creamy filling

Tasty cream filling with extreme aeration capacity for a smooth and light mouthfeel. Based on non-hydrogenated fats.

Bakestable Hazelnut filling

A soft bakestable nut filling, with a delicious cocoa taste and a subtle touch of hazelnut. 2% nut content

Hazelnut praliné à l'ancienne

Hazelnut praliné "à l'ancienne". Made according to the traditional French recipe, freshly cracked, medium roasted hazelnuts are coated in caramelized sugar before being ground. The result is a delicately crunchy, bold-flavoured praliné.

La Morella
Caramel Twist Filling

Caramel filling with sweet taste and pronounced notes of toffee and soft notes of vanilla and condensed milk. 

Desir dark

Premium dark Desir filling which contains 45.5% dark chocolate. This filling has a rich dark chocolate taste with a pleasant bitterness and nice melting behavior. 


Intense cocoa dark filling for laminated pastry bakery applications. Contains 6.5% chocolate.

Praliné filling without added sugar with an intense hazelnut flavor. Sugar is replaced by maltitol yet this filling has a nice, sweet flavor. 

Truffle Dark

Dark truffle filling with a cool melting profile, opening with a moderate bitterness and ending with a touch of sweetness and non-hydrogenated fats.

Organic Hazelnut Filling

Made with medium-roasted organic hazelnuts of Mediterranean origin, this bakestable filling brings an intense nutty taste thanks to its high nut content (16%). Because all the ingredients are refined together, its taste and smoothness is unrivalled. Can be Fair trade.


Bakery nut filling for intense taste sensations. Without hydrogenated fats.

Hazelnut Filling 10%

Pale white hazelnut filling with a smooth texture for confectionery applications. 10% nut content, light hazelnut and milky notes.

La Morella

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