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Desir dark

Premium dark Desir filling which contains 45.5% dark chocolate. This filling has a rich dark chocolate taste with a pleasant bitterness and nice melting behavior. 

Bakestable Hazelnut filling 11%

A smooth hazelnut and chocolate bakestable filling, with 11% nut content. Because we start from whole fresh hazelnuts, medium roast them and refine all ingredients together in a continuous process, our mouthfeel is unrivalled. Perfect for bakery/pastry applications. RSPO

La Morella
Desir White

Desir premium white chocolate (34%) filling with sunflower lecithin. Without hydrogenated fats.

Desir White

Premium white Désir filling which contains 34% white chocolate. This filling has a rich white chocolate taste with caramel notes. 


Dark bake stable filling with 8% chocolate, low in total fat content which makes it a good filling for bakery applications. Without hydrogenated fats.

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