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Bakestable Hazelnut filling

A firm bakestable nut filling, with a delicious cocoa taste and subtle touch of hazelnut. 3% nut content

Pecan praliné 50/50

Premium pecan praliné with a sweet and intense nut flavor. Freshly-cracked Texas pecan nuts are ground with caramelized sugar to guarantee a praliné with superior taste and rich brown color.

La Morella

Praliné filling without added sugar with an intense hazelnut flavor. Sugar is replaced by maltitol yet this filling has a nice, sweet flavor. 


Hazelnut filling with a fast melting profile and sustainable palm certified. Without hydrogenated fats.

Organic pistachio praliné

Freshly cracked and medium roasted organic pistachios and organic caramelized sugar have been finely ground into this praliné. Its high nut content calls for an intense nut flavour, balanced with a touch of sweetness.

La Morella

Nut filling with 13% hazelnuts for biscuit applications. Without hydrogenated fats.

Organic hazelnut 16% filling

Flavorful filling with organic hazelnuts and chocolate and a soft, creamy texture. This filling brings out an intense mix of chocolaty and nutty flavors. It is made from premium quality hazelnuts organically grown under the Mediterranean sun.

La Morella
Macadamia praliné

Premium macadamia praliné with a sweet and mild nut flavor. Freshly-cracked macadamia nuts are ground with caramelized sugar to guarantee a praliné with a light beige color, highlighting the delicate notes of macadamia.

La Morella
Hazelnut filling 27%

Confectionery nut filling with intense roasted hazelnut flavor due to its high nut content (27%). Perfect ready-to-use texture.

La Morella

Smooth-melting, confectionery filling with an intense hazelnut taste. With a semi-soft texture and a golden brown color.


Nut filling with a mild hazelnut flavor and cocoa, ideal for bake stable applications. Without hydrogenated fats.

Hazelnut Filling 10%

A smooth bold-flavoured hazelnut and milk chocolate bakestable filling, with 10% nut content. Because we start from whole fresh hazelnuts, medium roast them and refine all ingredients together in a continuous process, our mouthfeel is unrivalled. Perfect for bakery/pastry applications"

La Morella

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