The Cacaofruit Pulp

cacaofruit pulp

The Cacaofruit Pulp

When opening up the Cacaofruit, the fruit will reveal its seeds which are surrounded by a white juicy flesh: the pulp. You can recognize the Cacaofruit pulp with its clean, fresh white color and a sweet scent of fruity honey.

The Cacaofruit pulp: a unique fruity experience

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With its pleasant zesty, fruity flavor, the Cacaofruit pulp has a uniquely refreshing signature taste that brings natural sweetness and delightfully refreshing fruity notes to beverages, ice creams and sorbet.

Curious to learn more about our delicious Cacaofruit pulp? You can request now a technical sheet and find out about the exact specifications. Ask us about the perfect pairing with your products and request a sample to start experimenting with the fresh fruity notes to create a whole new Cacaofruit Experience.

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