Chocolate brownie cheesecake

Biscuit base

ingredients preparation
  • 150g
    Maria cookies

Crush the biscuits until they are powdered.

  • 70g

Melt and mix through base. Put into a springform baking tin and flatten well


ingredients preparation
  • 115g
    full-fat cream cheese
  • 125g
  • vanilla
  • pinch salt

Beat together until smooth

  • 125g
  • 125g

Melt together.
Add into the cream cheese mix gradually until smooth

  • 2g

Add in and mix in

  • 120g
    plain flour

Sieve and fold in. Make sure there are no lumps

  • 125g
    dark chocolate chips

Fold in

Pour the mixture onto the biscuit base
Bake in a preheated oven at 150⁰c until cooked. To test, use a knife- this should come out clean and not be sticky.
Leave to cool before cutting.

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