Barry Callebaut is actively engaged in SAIs dairy working group to operationalize the Dairy Sustainability Framework. In addition, we are working with partners to implement activities at farm level to improve on-farm performance.

Sustainable dairy is a challenging raw material. That’s why Barry Callebaut is working with suppliers and member organizations to explore options and encourage sustainable practices such as animal welfare, protection and enhancement of biodiversity, management of soil quality, quantifying, monitoring and reducing GHG emissions and efficient water usage.

Within the SAI’s Dairy Working Group, there is ongoing work to operationalize the Dairy Sustainability Framework and ensure that milk is produced by healthy cattle under sustainable economic, social and environmental conditions. Additionally, Barry Callebaut is working with partners toward implementing farm level measures with select suppliers to improve on-farm sustainability performance, including best practices to reduce the carbon footprint coming from dairy production.

We’ll provide more information as this program progresses!


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