Parsnip and Apple Cake

These mini chocolate cakes are a unique offering and will have taste buds eager to come back for more. They are also a great summer offering when consumers are looking for something a little lighter.


Created by
  • Julie Sharp - UK & Ireland Head of Chocolate Academy


ingredients preparation
  • 150g
    grated parsnip
  • 100g
    grated apples
  • 115ml
    vegetable oil
  • 150g
    dark brown sugar

Grate the parsnips and apples and stir through the vegetable oil and dark brown sugar.


  • 3piece(s)

Add in the eggs and mix well.

  • 150g
    wholemeal flour
  • 5g
    Baking powder
  • 2g
    ground cinnamon

Sieve the flour, baking powder and cinnamon together then fold into the mix.

  • 200g
  • 5g
    grated ginger

Fold through the grated fresh ginger root and dark chocolate callets.

Milk Chocolate Mousse

ingredients preparation
  • 100g
    whipping cream
  • 250g

Bring the whipping cream to the boil.

Cool to 80°C and then pour over the 823 milk chocolate. Mix well to form a smooth ganache.

  • 150g
    whipping cream
  • 10piece(s)
    Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Pencils

Once the cakes have cooled completely, using a star nozzle, pipe a swirl of chocolate mousse on top of the cakes and decorate with a dark chocolate pencil.

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