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Whenever you eat, something extraordinary happens. More than an aroma or a flavor, the look of a dish tells your brain what to taste. That's why at IBC we say: "you eat with your eyes". In fact, up to 85% of what your customers buy, is decided by color*. The looks, the color, the textures, the designs, they all work together to convince us to just dig in.

For almost 30 years, IBC has been specialized in food decorations and colorants: printed transfer sheets, seasonal chocolate decorations, and personalization for all applications. Our team of designers creates on-trend designs throughout the year and on request. Next to that, IBC produces an exclusive range of (printed) spheres, 3D figurines, truffle shells, and chocolate plaques for every seasonality.

IBC was founded in 1990 and started as a distributor of general pastry and decoration products such as moulds, trays, stencils, etc . Since 1997 the company started the production of transfer sheets, designs made especially to print on chocolates. IBC became a member of the Barry Callebaut group in 2008.


Specialized in food color and decorations, IBC provides the right knowledge and products to make your professional creations stand out. IBC offers an inspirational range based on easy-to-use techniques and powerful products, in which everyone who loves to cook finds that extra touch for any creation. 

Personalization and customization on chocolate or other foods

IBC offers personalization on transfer sheets, chocolate plaques and shapes and other foods, as well as tools and colorants. IBC also offers personalization for most of the items displayed in IBC's webshop and catalogues, such as putting your logo on one of our chocolates.

Please contact design_IBC@barry-callebaut.com for your personalization request or more information.

*Based on the Kissmetric customer research on color.

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