Create your own unique drinks

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Create your own unique drinks

Discover an exciting B2B playground. And co-create your signature drink with us! Boost your business by matching and mixing quality vending drinks from Caprimo and Van Houten products, and let your imagination run wild!
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Blend your signature brand!

What better way to create a buzz around your vending machine than with your own custom-made drinks? Blend just the right flavour profile, complete with delicious aromas and subtle hints of a wide range of exciting ingredients. 

Leading cocoa expertise 

We’re committed to empowering your brand with all the right know-how and expertise. Discover what a world leader in quality chocolate and cocoa can do for your own local business. All while improving farmers’ livelihoods and securing future supplies.

cocoa expertise
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The hottest trends & innovations

Get access to exciting insights and future market trends within the chocolate, food and beverage industry. We’re delighted to share ideas with you! Because to know the game is to stay on top of it.

Drink tastings 

Get introduced to the art of chocolate drink tasting. And expand your vending palate! Join us for an educational, sensorial taste session to tickle your taste buds or even a brand tasting!

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Create your signature beverage! 

From the lab...

Let’s single out the ingredients that truly capture your imagination during an inspiring tasting session. Then, with a little help of the Van Houten Beverage™ Academy analysis software, we’ll turn these findings into a truly one-of-a-kind recipe. By playing around with different cocoa varieties, coffee beans and aromas, we’ll create your own taste profile. 

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Chocolate drink

- Your signature chocolate drink

- Standard chocolate drink

Beverage spider

- Your signature flavoured cappuccino

- Standard flavoured cappuccino

Right down to your palate

Tasting is everything! Together, we’ll put several sample recipes through a sensorial analysis and tweak and refine until every flavour note strikes a chord. Enjoy your own ultimate blend, suitable for all your favourite applications! 

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