Power truffles

This quick and easy recipe yields deliciously appetising chocolate truffles with a creamy dark chocolate ganache filling. The latter is enriched with a splash of Cointreau to give a sweet citric touch to the intense, full-bodied cocoa taste of the dark chocolate in it and the cocoa powder the truffles are rolled in. Good to know is that this classic piece of chocolate confectionery is a highly popular gift bought in chocolate boutiques all over the world.

Power truffles

ingredients preparation
  • 325g
    fresh butter
  • 60g
    invert sugar

Beat together until well aerated.

  • 566g
  • 48g

Add the chocolate (35°C) and the Cointreau.

Pipe small balls of the butter-alcohol mix. Leave to harden overnight.

  • Q.S.
  • Q.S.
  • Q.S.
    silver powder

Enrobe the truffles, and roll into a mix of cocoa powder and silver powder.

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