Citrus Zing Bonbon

White chocolate bonbons with citrus notes and limoncello by Celine Plano



Ingredients Preparation
  • 380g
    Fresh lime juice
  • 40g
    glucose syrup
  • 150g
    Butter 83%
  • 1zest
  • 50g
    Limoncello liquor

1. In a pot, mix together the lime juice, glucose and butter. 
2. Bring to a light boil. 
3. Pour over Ivory White Chocolate 29% and lime zests and mix to combine. 
4. Create the perfect emulsion and cool down the ganache to 29°C (84°F). 
5. Pipe into pre made white chocolate shells and let crystallize fully overnight. 
6. Close with pre crystalized Ivory White Chocolate 29%.

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