Black truffle ganache

Can one pair chocolate and the exclusive black truffle? Yes, we're referring to the black gold found in Italy - Piemonte - or the French Perigord region. And yes you can. This luxurious chocolate treat created by Jean-Philippe Darcis holds a black truffle ganache boasting earthy flavours. The trick is to cook the truffle as shortly as possible in the sugar mixture to keep it from losing its flavours. 


Created by
  • Jean-Philippe Darcis - Callebaut® Amabassador and owner of Darcis Belgium

Black truffle ganache

ingredients preparation
  • 450g
    35% cream
  • 90g


  • 10g
    Périgord black truffle

Grate into the mixture.
Cook quickly but thoroughly and allow to infuse for 10 minutes. Strain.

  • 625g

Pour the mixture over the chocolate.

  • 11g
    truffle oil

Add and mix.

  • Q.S.

Table this mixture until the temperature cools to 32°C. Pour onto a 7 mm thick Flexipan® Guitare frame: ref. FT 04020. Allow to crystallise for 24 hours. Cut up with the guitar cutter. Coat with Callebaut Strong 70-30-42NV dark chocolate.

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