Sustainability map: discovering the origins behind sustainable ingredients

Together with our vanilla supplier, we’re implementing a sustainability program to lift farmer livelihoods and ensure a sustainable supply of vanilla.

Madagascar - Sustainable vanilla cultivation

In order to achieve our Forever Chocolate commitments, we need to work closely with our ingredients suppliers and determine where existing sustainability initiatives exist; and, if they don’t, then create them. This was the conclusion we came to together with our vanilla supplier Prova.

Within the joint program focus on productivity and community, we are diversifying vanilla farmers’ income via fine flavor cocoa crops, coaching them on sustainable agricultural practices, and enabling them to professionalize their businesses. A highlight of the program is that farmers are trained in the traditional Malagasy way of curing vanilla, bringing them higher prices for this higher quality vanilla.

You can read more about the joint program here. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy a visit to the beautiful world of vanilla.

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