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Sustainable soy addresses issue of deforestation.

Brazil - Sustainable soy addresses issue of deforestation

While conventional soy production has rapidly grown across Brazil, a strong effort is being made to tackle the impacts that this expansion creates. A massive threat to ecosystems is occurring with the conversion of forests and savannas to soy plantations. Sustainable soy production attempts to address these challenges around land use change and biodiversity loss, as well as topics around environmental impactslabor conditions, and traceability.

Barry Callebaut is therefore ramping up its sourcing of ProTerra Certified Soy in order to be able to offer this in its chocolate products where soy is present. ProTerra ensures that these key issues are tackled in soy production and provides a traceable, non-GMO certified product.

Additionally, Barry Callebaut has recently become a signatory of the Cerrado Manifesto. The Manifesto declares to protect Brazil’s Cerrado, a 2 million square kilometer tropical savanna ecoregion under threat from deforestation and native vegetation loss.

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