Barry Callebaut is implementing a program for the sustainable production of hazelnuts and almonds at its own Spanish based La Morella Nuts, the best source for Fresh Mediterranean Nuts.

Covering the most relevant topics impacting nut farmers and ensuring elements of farmer training, support and finance, the program is being developed to highlight regional needs from Spain, but with the ability to address topics impacting nut cultivation in other areas. Our program covers the areas of productivity, water conservation, environment and carbon footprint, child protection, and the ability to earn an equitable income.

There are extensive activities being implemented today by nut farmers in Spain, among other areas, but there is no relevant sustainable nuts program available. As part of our efforts to source all ingredients sustainably, Barry Callebaut will create own programs together with suppliers where we have the opportunity to scale impact and drive on-the-ground change.

The 17/18 season will see the development of the new sustainability program, the registration of farmers within participating farmer groups, and implementation of program activities.

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