Sustainability map: discovering the origins behind sustainable ingredients

We are establishing a standard for sustainable dairy production, together with our partners, in order to scale impact across the sector.

Germany & France - Visiondairy: partnering for a sustainable dairy industry

In order to make sustainable chocolate the norm, Barry Callebaut has committed to having 100% sustainable ingredients in all of our products. This will require working with industry platforms as well as to engage customers and suppliers for joint programs.

That is the case with dairy, where Barry Callebaut, in partnership with the Food Animal Initiative (FAI), among others, has established the VisionDairy program in order to coordinate our suppliers to move in one direction and better benchmark the variety of approaches that exist to date.

The VisionDairy charter with 15 principles for suppliers, helps identify and demonstrate best practices in cow and calf welfare; support resilient and ethical business practices (e.g. the production of quality milk, and human rights and worker well-being of farmers and farm workers); and protect and enhance our shared environment (reducing greenhouse gases, energy and water use, protecting biodiversity, and improving soil health).

The standard aligns with the Dairy Sustainability Framework and focuses on impact measurement to identify gold standards in dairy farming practices. Barry Callebaut is looking to further roll-out the program and to start collecting outcome measures from our suppliers. Barry Callebaut recently participated in the SAI Platform pilots on implementation of the Dairy Sustainability Framework in Europe and USA.

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