Sustainability map: discovering the origins behind sustainable ingredients

Sustainability map: discovering the origins behind sustainable ingredients

Intercropping helps us to increase biodiversity on-farm, improve soil quality, and decrease the carbon footprint associated with cocoa production.

Cameroon - Increasing biodiversity and protecting forests

One of our Forever Chocolate commitments, to become carbon and forest positive, falls within the topic of Thriving Nature. With a holistic approach, many solutions overlap to support numerous commitments. For example, introducing a diverse farm model with multiple crops not only supports farmer livelihood but also helps to improve soil quality and capture carbon, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.

In Cameroon, we are distributing new cocoa seedlings to help increase yields, and decrease the amount of land used for cocoa. Additionally, we are establishing nurseries for non-cocoa crops to enable the planting of diverse species on farm. By steadily increasing the amount of replanting and intercropping, we are able to realize the previously mentioned benefits. Additionally, maintaining existing forests is a priority, so farmers participating in our sustainability programs are being mapped to ensure that their farms do not encroach upon protected forest, as well as to ensure that cocoa in our programs is free from deforestation.

Cocoa Cameroon

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