Sustainability map: discovering the origins behind sustainable ingredients

Aligning sustainability methodologies to create a more standardized approach to sustainable beet sugar production.

Beet sugar in Germany & France & Poland

From implementation to best practice

Regardless of origin country, mature versus developing regions, sustainability is an evolving journey, especially for agricultural products. Our approach to the sustainable sourcing of ingredients starts with ensuring suppliers meet minimum requirements and then working together to implement best practices and continuous improvement.

As a participant of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative’s Sugar Beet Project, this has indeed been the sustainability approach. After a first phase assessment of European sugar beet producers, the project is now looking to improve and unify methodologies across suppliers and standardize best practices, for example in regards to greenhouse gas emission reduction or impact management and reporting.

Next step will be expanding the geographical scope of this project. Stay tuned as we expand our sourcing capabilities around sustainable beet sugar!

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